For you, who came at the restaurant where I work on Saturday evening 10th of November


Well I do it quickly before I change my mind… And get to shy again to do what I should have done yesterday…

So here it is, a message only for you, beautiful stranger, who came to the restaurant where I work in Vancouver, yesterday evening (Saturday 10th of November) to have dinner.

(Post edited the 9th of december see below)

Might seems completely crazy… And you might never see this anyway… But just in case…

You came, and sat at the bar close to the window, you had dinner, and you apparently love chocolate, and then we talked before you left. We talked about where we are from and as you asked I talked to you about how I ended up here in Vancouver after a year and an half on the road traveling and about crossing the Pacific from Japan to Mexico on a container ship. Yes I’m talking about you. You are the only one to who I talked about this that day and particularly to who I gave my blog address in months. So you can’t get confused about who I’m talking about in this post.

Well I gave you the address of my blog… But I’m pretty sure I didn’t write it well… Because I was disturbed by your presence and got kind of shy and confused. I kind of hoped you would have maybe showed up again, I know it’s silly… And sadly you didn’t… But hopefully you’ll find your way till this page that I’m writing now only for you (Well ok all my family and friends who care about reading my posts will see this as well… I think I will hear about it for years…).

Anyway, I wanted to tell you, that I should have given you my phone number or my email (something better than just a mispelled blog address). Obviously now it’s more complicated as I can’t really write it here directly as this page is public… But if you really end up reading this and that you would feel like contacting me… or even meet again some day… Please feel free to do it! I’d be more than happy.

You can let me a comment here at the end of this post, or go on my facebook page and let me a message on it (which will be a bit more private…) and to be sure here is the link of my facebook page Dancing On The Winding Road.

The other thing I can tell you here is that I work at this restaurant every Saturday, Sunday and Monday (And well to complicate more the situation… The restaurant closed earlier today and will be closed tomorrow as well for Remembrance day… And also I’m not sure how long I’m going to stay working there…)…

EDIT Dec 9th 2018 : I’m officially not working there anymore. So if it never happens that you are still thinking about meeting me… The only way to contact me is letting a comment on this post and that way I’ll have your email addressor to write me a message on my facebook page. I don’t give up!

I’ve never done this before… But I decided that I have nothing to lose anyway, so that’s it!

Hope to hear from you some day,





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