Fond noir
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For you, who came at the restaurant where I work on Saturday evening 10th of November

View of Takehara (Japan)
... In the air

Takehara in Japan : When you come back because it was great

LGBT flag
... In the air

LGBT rights in Japan : Shooting video in Fukuoka “Action!”

The world through the hole
... In the air

Pirates, treasure hunt and open heart surgery

Dragonflies in Dubovoy, Rostov Oblast, Russia (July 2017)
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Eco-village in Dubovoy : Rural stay in the plains of Rostov Oblast

Mineralnye Vody (July 2017)
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Mineral Water Rockers (Mineralnye Vody)

Basil's Cathedral - Moscow (August 2017)

Moscow in Russia : The Red Square

Verkhny Lars Checkpoint
Administrative stuffs

Georgia-Russia by land / by sea : Crossing the uncrossable border

Svaneti en Géorgie

Georgia : Hiking in the Svaneti region

Măgureni (Maramureș) - Romania (mai 2017)

Few days in the Maramureș mountains

Podlodówek - Ogrody Permakultury (Pologne)
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Permaculture festival in Poland


Do your laundry in a bathtub

Forest in Osnabrück
... In the air

That’s been a month I’m travelling now!

Gent (Belgium)
... In the air

Gent : A short video of my stay in Belgium 🙂

ATS in Amsterdam

Dancing ATS with Themis in Amsterdam

Street Art by Roa in Gent
... In the air

Street Art in Gent

... In the air

Dancing Tribal Fusion in Gent with Teuta Dibrani

... In the air

Lille – Gent : Hitchhiking through the first border

... In the air

Lille (France)


A weekend at the Petit Quenneval farm

... In the air

Street Art (Art mural) in Lille


Hitchhiking from Paris to Lille

... In the air

Dancing in Paris with Fi-Fi




The project…


The travel has to begin somewhere…


Loïs : Traveller who likes to dance on her free time

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