Dancing... in the wind !

ATS in Amsterdam
Dancing ATS with Themis in Amsterdam

From the 6th to the 10th of April 2017 I went discovering Amsterdam. Unlike lot of people, this capital wasn’t at the level of what I was expecting. Hopefully, I met there Themis and Sabine who filled my journey there with laughs, crazyness and dance. If you go to Amsterdam, I advice you absolutely to

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Dancing Tribal Fusion in Gent with Teuta Dibrani

Wdnesday, 29th march 2017. Where can you dance Tribal Fusion in Gent? I just arrived in Gent, that I already had an appointment for the evening 🙂 !! I went directly to take a tribal fusion class with Teuta Dibrani.

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Dancing in Paris with Fi-Fi

Fisrt step of the travel, first step of dance! Even if I already know them, I’m counting this prerequisite dance meet-up of my travel as my first step of dance on the road. And it won’t be one of the worst… I let you jugde by yourself on the photo following!!

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Loïs : Traveller who likes to dance on her free time

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