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Basil's Cathedral - Moscow (August 2017)
Moscow in Russia : The Red Square

The 3rd of August 2017. I’m now in Russia and more precisely in Moscow on the Red Square. No writing, just a video ?

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Verkhny Lars Checkpoint
Georgia-Russia by land / by sea : Crossing the uncrossable border

The 15th of July 2017. I crossed the uncrossable border between Georgia and Russia by land. When I started my trip, I had the idea that I really wanted to go to Georgia on the way east before getting to Russia. But when you read official government websites (at least the french ones) they tell

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Svaneti en Géorgie
Georgia : Hiking in the Svaneti region

From the 9th to the 13th of July 2017. When you are very flexible (Basically for me that means that you aren’t planning anything in advance), everything can happen. I had decided to give up on the idea to go and see the Georgian mountains and to start seriously to go in the direction of

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Măgureni (Maramureș) - Romania (mai 2017)
Few days in the Maramureș mountains

From the 16th to the 26th of may 2017. After a crazy WE at the Premaculture Festival in Podlodowek in Poland, I left hitchhiking during 2 days to meet the Maramureș moutains in the north of Romania. Wwoofing session, beautiful landscapes, ticks, dogs and little devils!

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Podlodówek - Ogrody Permakultury (Pologne)
Permaculture festival in Poland

Friday 12th to monday 15th of may 2017. A first unplanned event on the way. Changing destination. I’m going to Podlodówek in Poland at a Permaculture Festival organized by Ogrody Permakultury.

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Do your laundry in a bathtub

April 2017. When I was in Hanover, my host had a bathtub. As I don’t have enough clothes in my entire backpack to fill a complete washing machine, I used the bathtub. I show you how I did my laundry on this video 🙂

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