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Dragonflies in Dubovoy, Rostov Oblast, Russia (July 2017)
Eco-village in Dubovoy : Rural stay in the plains of Rostov Oblast

From the 18th to the 30th of july 2017. After an arrival in Russia full of surprises between crossing the border from Georgia and the night spent with the Rockers of Mineralnye Vody, I took the train again (by night this time) till Rostov-on-Don, then a bus to go to the small and lost village

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Mineralnye Vody (July 2017)
Mineral Water Rockers (Mineralnye Vody)

From the 15th to the 17th of july 2017. After having crossed the border between Georgia and Russia, I landed in Vladikavkaz (Well I didn’t take the plane… you understood me right?). In 3 hours I had the chance to discover the russian hospitality before taking a train (my first russian train!!) to go to

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Basil's Cathedral - Moscow (August 2017)
Moscow in Russia : The Red Square

The 3rd of August 2017. I’m now in Russia and more precisely in Moscow on the Red Square. No writing, just a video ?

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Verkhny Lars Checkpoint
Georgia-Russia by land / by sea : Crossing the uncrossable border

The 15th of July 2017. I crossed the uncrossable border between Georgia and Russia by land. When I started my trip, I had the idea that I really wanted to go to Georgia on the way east before getting to Russia. But when you read official government websites (at least the french ones) they tell

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