Belgium... In the Wind

Fond noir
For you, who came at the restaurant where I work on Saturday evening 10th of November

Hey! Well I do it quickly before I change my mind… And get to shy again to do what I should have done yesterday… So here it is, a message only for you, beautiful stranger, who came to the restaurant where I work in Vancouver, yesterday evening (Saturday 10th of November) to have dinner. (Post

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View of Takehara (Japan)
Takehara in Japan : When you come back because it was great

From the 28th of February to the 2nd of March 2018 and from the 19th to the 22nd of March 2018. After a brief stay in Fukuoka to see again some friends and deal with some paperworks, I’m definitely on the way towards the north of Japan. I’m going to stop in Hiroshima and most

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LGBT flag
LGBT rights in Japan : Shooting video in Fukuoka “Action!”

21st of January 2018. Meanwhile in Japan… Fighting for LGBTQIA+ rights… Everywhere… Anytime…

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The world through the hole
Pirates, treasure hunt and open heart surgery

7th of february 2018. I feel like a poet today, as lazy as a cat. I’m counting you my day of the 6th of february 2018… Yesterday… In prose… This is a first time!! But I like suprises 🙂 Once upon a time in Okinawa…

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