LGBT rights in Japan : Shooting video in Fukuoka “Action!”

21st of January 2018. Meanwhile in Japan… Fighting for LGBTQIA+ rights… Everywhere… Anytime…

When I arrived in Japan mid-january, I wrote to some organisations that are fighting for the rights of LGBTQIA+ people.

As it happens to me fairly regularly since the beginning of this trip, I arrived just at the right time! The next weekend in fukuoka was organized a very special event.

Several LGBT groups organized the shooting of a video to encourage the city of Fukuoka to recognize the Same-Sex Partnership System or PSS (a kind of unions) for same-sex couples which gives some rights normally offered by the marriage.

In Japan, gay marriage is illegal. And today in 2018 less than a dozen cities in all Japan are recognizing this PSS System as alternative.

🌈The great news is that mid-February the city of Fukuoka stated that from April 2018 she would recognize same-sex couples by introducing the PSS!!! That makes it the 7th city of Japan to allow same-sex unions.🌈

And since the 23rd of march 2018 the famous video has been officially released! (I’m in the video 😉 )

A big thank you to Yuri IgarashiAnri Ishizaki who answered my messages and thanks to whom I was able to participate in the shooting of this video.

This video is based on the original video made by Yaruki Arimi やる気あり美 and that had been realised for the 2nd aniversary of the creation of the PSS System in Shibuya in Tokyo.


  • Jay Lin

    Hi there, My name is Jay Lin and am looking for a videographer to do a shoot this upcoming weekend May 14-15 in Fukuoka: as part of shoot. Was wondering if you might have any leads. If so, please write me here:
    I love your post about the LGBT video. It is hilarious. Jay Lin

    • Lois

      Hi Jay!
      Thank you for your message. I’m sorry to answer so late but I was on a cargo ship crossing the Pacific Ocean from Japan to Mexico during the last 15 days with no internet connection… So here I am now answering from the American Continent. I can give you the contacts of the people who made the video in Fukuoka if you want. I’ll send it to you via e-mail.

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