Pirates, treasure hunt and open heart surgery

7th of february 2018. I feel like a poet today, as lazy as a cat. I’m counting you my day of the 6th of february 2018… Yesterday… In prose… This is a first time!! But I like suprises 🙂

Once upon a time in Okinawa…

Pirates, treasure hunt, pineappel hat and open heart surgery

The world through the hole

I like stories that make you laugh or smile
I like those who make you feel pain also
But not today

Yesterday I went to a treasure hunt
A bunch of pirates on this set
It was yesterday.

Not a single piece of gold we found
Only a hat that on my head I tight
For a moment

In my camera, some sand invited itself into (again!!)
The open heart surgery to save it went well
Hopefully for years

I fill my head with utopian dreams and projects
It’s even better surrounded by epic stories
That will never end


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