Georgia : Hiking in the Svaneti region

From the 9th to the 13th of July 2017. When you are very flexible (Basically for me that means that you aren’t planning anything in advance), everything can happen. I had decided to give up on the idea to go and see the Georgian mountains and to start seriously to go in the direction of Russia. Finally the mountains came to fetch me. I went hiking in Svaneti with Ukrainians I met at my Russian host’s house who is living in Kutaisi. Are you following me?! No? It’s not that complicated 🙂 I’m going to tell you this story!!

(You can also read this article en french if you prefer : “Géorgie : Randonnées en Svaneti“)

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Svaneti en Géorgie

After few days in Batoumi, I decided to move a bit more quickly in the direction of Russia to enjoy my visa (which started without me at the end of June). I hitchhiked to Kutaisi where I was planning to stay few days before heading to the capital.

In Kutaisi, I found a Russian host who hosted already tons of travellers. He’s actually hosting so many travellers that there are tents permanently settled in his garden. Well… I arrived at his house, he is really nice, even if we have troubles communicating without using translators because he doesn’t speak well english and my russian is really poor (truth is that it’s basically inexistent)… He told me that already 3 Ukrainians were there for the night and that 7 other russians coming back from a Rainbow Gathering were also arriving during the evening (You understand the use of the tents?!)!!

During the afternoon, I decided to go for a walk in the city center where I found the tourist office opened. I visited the bazaar and the cathedrale perched on the hill next to the city where you have a beautiful view.

When I came back I met the Ukrainians : Vika, Artiom and Oksana. We had a brief dinner and then I went for a walk with Oksana. She told me that the next morning they were going to go to Svaneti to hike for 10 days with a good friend and guide. She asked me “Maybe you would like to come with us?”. You know me now… Who says mountains in Georgia, hiking with nice people… Hell, I said YES!

On the way to Svaneti in Georgia

I let you see by yourself what is hiking in Georgian’s mountains (you have english subtitles in the youtube parameters) :


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