Permaculture festival in Poland

Friday 12th to monday 15th of may 2017. A first unplanned event on the way. Changing destination. I’m going to Podlodówek in Poland at a Permaculture Festival organized by Ogrody Permakultury.

How I ended up in Podlodówek

Wednesday 10th of may 2017. I was in Dresden since last monday and considering my short program, I was supposed to stay until the friday when I was supposed to go to Wroclaw in Poland. I had sent some hosting requests on BeWelcome and Trustroots, but without any big success. Until I received an interesting answer from a BeWelcome member which was really interesting…

Marta was telling me that she couldn’t host me this WE in Wroclaw because she was going to the other side of Poland in a small village to participate in a permaculture festival organized by “Ogrody Permakultury“. This is a free festival during a WE, where you can participate in conferences or various activities.

Well… Let’s say that I did not take me to long to decide… I was definitely going to Podlodówek!!

How I arrived in Podlodówek

Express organisation (very very express). I find a ticket on a night bus, which is going from Dresden to Warsaw. Departure at 20:00 approximately on thursday evening (with 1h of delay!! Hopefully I had a 2 hours between my 2 buses in Praha…), arrival at 9:00 in the west part of Warsaw on friday morning.

Then, stays the question of how to reach this lost village (Yes we can say that this village is lost in the countryside of Poland). Well… I’m gonna try hitchhiking on the small polish roads! It’s 9:00 am. After a loooooooooonnnnnnnnngg night in the bus (well, short night considering the sleeping time), I have to find the way to cross the polish capital using local transportations to reach the hitchhiking spot I had seen on the map before leaving Dresden. In a second, I had to remember myself all my polish vocabulary (that was easy… I don’t have any polish vocabulary… I just know how to say “hello” and “thank you”, which is better than nothing!!) and I’m going to the information desk to talk with a nice woman, in english 🙂 (pfiou!).

I take some zlotys at an ATM (the polish currency) in order to be able to by a bus ticket and to buy some food at the festival. I find the good bus stop (the nice woman has well explained where it was) and I succeed to buy a ticket just in time not to miss the bus. 20 min later I change for another bus, where aain another really nice old woman absolutely wants to help me (she heard the name of the bus station I need to stop when I asked to the driver if I was in the good bus). The problem is that the woman talks to me in polish and even when I answer to her in english that I don’t understand anything of she’s telling me, apparently it’s not working to make her stop speaking… But… well, she seems really really nice because (if I understood well), I think that if I wanted I could have had food for 15 days and a place to sleep too.

I arrive at the bus stop “Szosa Lubelska” around 10:30 am. The road is the one which is going to Lublin and so Podlodówek. This is the first time that I’m going to hitchhike out of the highways and in Poland. And I haven’t really planned anything as I normally do. Que sera sera!

I write on my little panel “Ryki”, the name of the city which is the closest to the crossroad where I need to go east. 5 min after I start rising my thumbs up, a young girl arrives behind me (I jumped with surprise), and ask me if she can hitchhike with me as we are going to the same direction. She speaks english!! We manage to have a first ride who bring us half the way to Ryki with 3 polish guy in a Master. She’s doing the conversation because they don’t speak english. Then another guy stops who is going to Ryki and drops us off at the crossroad. Then we take 2 different directions, she’s going west, and I’m going east. After 10 min I catch a new ride. The polish amability is great, because he also makes a long detour to bring be till Podlodówek which is not really on his way.

Arrival around 13:30. I have a welcome comity (not mean to) who is coming to me with arms opened when I appear on the way to the entrance of the festival. The WE is starting pretty well! The weather is good, people are really nice, the ambiance is cool (when I changed my plan to come here, I had no doubts about that anyway). That smells the fully hippie WE (And I like it)!

Podlodówek - Ogrody Permakultury (Pologne)

But what are we doing in Podlodówek?

Premier montage de tente (Podlodówek -Pologne)

First, I set up my tent for the first time 😀 !! (Hip hip hip!!?? Hourra!!). Speed test to mount the tent more than successful (with one hand tied behind my back). Well, this tent isn’t really made to do “normal” camping. It’s not supposed to stay 3 days in a field like this. It’s a tent created to do “wild” camping. It has to be easy and quick to set up and its first quality is to protect you from the wind and the rain or anly against mosquitoes if you mount anly the first cover and to be really light to transport. It’s not supposed to stay too long under the sun which isn’t good for it. But, well, I couldn’t see myself setting it up every evening and take it off every morning… So it stayed set up during those 3 days…

Otherwise, what have I done at this festival?! That is the most important (but the tent episode was really important for me too).

So in Podlodówek, during the Permaculture Festival :

  • We meet really interesting people
  • We discover that the polis language is really beautiful but that in 1 WE you cannot learn anything because it’s really complicated (I only learned how to pronounce “Ya nei mowi po polsku” (I haven’t tell that I learned how to write it) which means “I don’t speak polish”)
  • We obviously learn some things about permaculture but… well… when you don’t talk polish you cannot learn so many things either…
  • We can practice all sorts of yoga and meditation (hatha, laughing, dancing, with crystals…and many others) it’s really interesting and intercultural, no need to speak polish
  • We sing (well… we try), we play music (well… we also try), and it’s really great when everybody is joining the musical creation around a big fire
  • We listen to music with a incredible concert of traditional polish songs
  • We reconnect with the nature
  • We discover that in Poland, in may, even with a -5°C sleeping bag, it’s freezing during the night
  • We eat really well (and vegan)
  • We laught
  • We talk

Well, I think the best it’s to show you this little video 🙂 !! (English subtitles are available in the parameters)

The little story (Beautiful synchronicity)

I was one of the only one coming hitchhiking with another couple who was coming from Leipzig in Germany (They hitchhiked the all way! Respect!). They left on sunday to sleep one night in Lublin before hitchhiking back. I left on monday with Martin, a guy who was also at the festival and proposed to bring me to the south of Poland. Well, remember that the world is really small. With Martin, after few hours driving, we decided to stop to a gas station to have a small break and the time for me to buy some food (the road is going to be long till Romania). When I was about to pay for the food, someone patted on my shoulder… I turned over and who was there?? The german guy!! After a happy hug, he told me that they were hitchhiking with 2 polish guys, one in an ATV and the other one on a motorbike and that they were having a break for few minutes on the way to Krakow. What was the chance for me to meet them here?! Amazing synchronicity!!


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