Street Art in Gent

Saturday, 1st april 2017

Gent i a perfect city to see street art. I was already there for 3 days and I had already seen beautiful pieces wandering on the streets. So I was the time for me to dedicate a full day to it. And it worth it!

A big scene for street artists

I had already understood that the city was a good ground for the street art. On internet, I found a map which references a lot street art (Sorry, Not Sorry street art map Gent) and this is the one I used!

After a good (and long… I woke up quite late… at lunchtime in fact…) resting night and a super good lunch at home with all the roomates and some friends of them, I went on a ride in the city with Maarten who stayed sharing with me a part of the afternoon. I created my own improvised street art bike tour.

Werregarrenstraat in constant evolution

Werregarenstraat is a street in the city center where graffities is officially allowed and so the walls are covered of thousands of colors. This street is constantly changing and so you can regularly go to check what’s happening around.

So I went there of course 🙂

Other places like this exist in Gent and around which are called “Tolerance Zone” where artists are allowed to paint, tag, stick… These places are located on the street art map.

Some artists you can find in Gent

I think that the artist who covered the most walls here is Bué The Warrior. But you can find some big names that I love. Some of them : Scarpulla, Resto, Roa and much more…

More than the street art I arrived by accident at Kapow which was opened. I even had the chance to exchange with one of the member of the organisation which promote culture, art and music here in Gent.

Them invited street artists in Gent, and it’s in part thanks to them that the city is so rich of these beautiful art pieces.


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