Dancing Tribal Fusion in Gent with Teuta Dibrani

Wdnesday, 29th march 2017.

Where can you dance Tribal Fusion in Gent?

I just arrived in Gent, that I already had an appointment for the evening 🙂 !! I went directly to take a tribal fusion class with Teuta Dibrani.

I did’nt even new the city yet that I took the bike Maarten gave me (so great host) and went to look for the dance school.

I took some nice streets with more street art on the way (so nice city) and arrived a bit earlier the time needed to take some pictures.

The dane school where Teuta is giving class is called Planeet Mars and is located on the east side of Gent close to Dampoort Station. (Land van Waaslaan 78, 9040 Ghent)

The Tribal Fusion class with Teuta

I participated to the general all levels class of Teuta. The warm up was fun and hard but at least you can feel the efficiency 🙂 (I kept some sore muscles few days after it). Teuta is really nice, funny and hyperactive. The class was great and the girls really nice. Everbody welcomed me super well. Really good memory!

See some pictures of the class, as usual they are talking by themselves…

Tribal Fusion Dance class with Teuta Dibrani in Gent (March 2017)



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