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Lille (France)

Wednesday 22nd to tuesday 28th of march 2017.

Lille, last step in France

After Paris, an obligatory step to get my visas and to see friends, I went to Lille. I had planned to spend a week there to see a friend, Hélène, and to discover again this city that I like.

Lille was the last stop in France before what many of my friends and family are calling the “Big Departure”! Even if I officially left Bretagne and my parents’ home the 14th of march, the departure represents the first time I’ll cross a border and refers to the fact that after Lille nothing is well organised and clear. After Lille I won’t have any official place where some friends or family are waiting for me. I don’t really know anybody on the road after Lille.

My program in Lille

What was the plan staying in Lille?

  • See friends
  • Start preparing my arrival in Belgium
  • See street art
  • Enjoy the sun
  • Visit again Lille, walking and cycling
  • Go to the countryside in Hélène’s family

Easy and cool 🙂 !

I enjoyed the meeting that my friends are organising every thursday called “Jeudis Lillois” to spend some time together having a good beer and discovering good bars. I enjoyed the first spring temperatures and the sun when wandering in the city. I visited again some parts of the city I already knew and discover new ones. I hunted everywhere to find Street Art (a dedicated post about it : Street Art (Art mural) in Lille). I spent a weekend at Wirwignes in the countryside with Hélène’s family tasting goat cheese (Yum-yum! You also can find a dedicated post here : A weekend at the Petit Quenneval farm).

Some photographies of my stay in Lille

Here are some photos of my stay in Lille! Enjoy!

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