Street Art (Art mural) in Lille

Tuesday 28th of march 2017.

Bike tour of the street art (Art mural in french) in Lille

For my last day in Lille, thanks to my friend Hélène, I discovered that it was existing a map, you can get for free at the tourism office in Lille, which proposes a bike tour (estimated time : 4h…) to discover the street art of the city (also called “Art mural” in french).

Instead of wandering around to search art pieces by myself (I’m kind of fond of Street Art)… I decided to create my own tour based on the tourism office’s map, adjusting the way to avoid areas I already knew and considering my muscular health (in fact I had already a complete day walking and riding a bike the day before… So I wasn’t in the mood to enjoying a new 4h bike tour…).

After a nice lunch at Chez Léontine (an essential stop in Lille according to… me) with 3 friends, I jumped on my bike and started my little upgraded tour.

I saw some nice pieces that you can see in the slider above. As usual, the Street Art is moving a lot and quickly (this a basic principle of this ephemeral art). Some graffities had already disappeared or had been covered (sometimes it makes me feel so sad like when I discovered this good piece of James Cochran covered that you can see in the picture below) and I found new pieces making random detours.

Street art by James Cochran covered by graffities (Avenue Willy Brandt – Tripostal, in Lille)

Thanks to this bike tour, I revisited with pleasure various blocks of Lille that I already knew and I discovered new ones (not all blocks are nice I have to admit it 😉 ). Anyway, it’s also what I like when I’m hunting Street Art!

One thing I have to say is that I was expecting to see much more Street Art in a city like Lille. Finally I haven’t found as many things as I was hoping, and I was thinking that if the BIAM (Biennale Internationale de l’Art Mural) in 2013 hadn’t took place, finally Lille would have been even more poor in Street Art than it is today.

But it was still a good day, enjoying the sun and art!

The phenomenon of Lille’s fishes (Les poissons de Lille)

With all this, when you’re wandering in the city of Lille with your eyes looking often high on the walls (Even if sometimes Street Art can be found on the ground) to search for Street Art, you will easily notice coloured fishes painted everywhere. These paintings called simply “Les poissons de Lille” by the locals are covering the walls in improbable and often inaccessible spaces (by the way, to find then I have to look everywhere and not only high on the buildings to see them).

I haven’t found any informations about the artist (maybe they are several artists) who stayed anonymous, but I know is that everybody here heard about these famous fishes (and have often already seen some). Some people are even collecting pictures of them. I have to say that I quickly played along, so here after are some of the pictures I took during my tour.


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