Dancing in Paris with Fi-Fi

Fisrt step of the travel, first step of dance!

Even if I already know them, I’m counting this prerequisite dance meet-up of my travel as my first step of dance on the road. And it won’t be one of the worst… I let you jugde by yourself on the photo following!!

I present you Fi-Fi (Elena Wei-Dupont and the right on the photos above), a really good friend and my American Tribal Style® (ATS®) and tribal fusion teacher.

When I discover ATS for the first time in Paris at the Fair Pride, Fi-Fi was one of the dancers who was producing a demonstration. This little glimpse has been like a revelation to me. During the summer I managed to find Tribal Fusion classes with Louna and ATS classes with Louna and Eléonore who were teaching in Paris.  After this first year, I discovered that Fi-Fi was teaching intermediate and advanced ATS classes that I’m following since.

Louna and Fi-Fi are really great teachers! For dancers who will read this article, I advice you to try absolutely her classes when coming in Paris, you won’t be disappointed. I can’t tell you to go on Louna’s classes… Because she started a round the world tour as well since february 2017, so she’s not teaching in Paris anymore, but you’ll maybe meet her on your way somewhere?! Who knows?!

(You’ll find all usefull links at the end of the article)

Photography of Fi-Fi’s students during my last class last tuesday (14th march 2017)

Heiwa Tribe dance company

I’m now dancing with Heiwa Tribe as well, ATS and Tribal Fusion Company managed by Fi-Fi. We dance regularly for divers occasions, demonstrations, shows, bars and restaurants.

  • Tribal Fusion
  • ATS
  • ATS et Tribal Fusion with accessories (hands of fire, baskets, skirts, swords…)




Links :

Fi-Fi (Elena Wei-Dupont) :

Heiwa Tribe :

Louna :



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